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The most engaging way to introduce students to practical machine learning development. We provide the platform, tools, materials, and instruction needed for higher education institutions to host poker A.I. competitions.

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Why does Poker AI matter?

  • The demand for practical AI and machine learning skills across industries is outpacing supply. Poker AI provides a practical, hands-on experience that not only enhances technical acumen but also helps individuals distinguish themselves in a competitive job market.

    By mastering Poker AI, students gain a solid foundation in strategic thinking, Game Theory, and AI development, equipping them with valuable skills that employers actively seek.

We Provide

  • Out of the box poker competitions and support including:

    • The leading platform for AI vs AI, Human vs AI, and mixed table poker games and tournaments

  • • Educational materials and resources, introducing students to the principles of game theory, reinforcement learning, and AI engineering

  • • A pool of guest speakers and presenters, including bleeding edge researchers in AI/ML and applied game theory.

  • • Access to industry sponsors

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